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We’ve Got Your Back

TechCentral Managed IT Services offers proactive IT management such as hardware as a service, software updates, patch install, data backup and server monitoring. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back in the event of disaster—and even an oversized sea monster.

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You didn’t become a dentist just to manage your technology and IT. And you don’t have to. You need a trusted partner, and TechCentral is ready to help.

With TechCentral Managed IT Services, you get proactive IT management, including software updates, installing patches, setting up backups and monitoring your server. And when something does go wrong, we’ve got your back to get you up and running as quickly as possible. We specialize in dental practices, so we understand the practice technology that your practice needs.

Proactively Managing Risk

You don’t have to wait for a crisis to depend on TechCentral. We’ve got your back as we continually monitor your server uptime, system resource allocation, system stability, and more to help your office stay operational.

Defending Your Data

Your patient data is one of your most valuable assets, and it may be at risk from being lost or corrupted. If disaster strikes, and you lose your data, rest assured that TechCentral has your back by storing your backup in the cloud.*

Eliminating Surprise Costs

Replacing essential IT equipment is expensive and difficult to budget for. With a TechCentral hardware as a service support plan, you can pay a monthly flat fee, and get that equipment replaced at nominal cost. Avoid paying unexpected costs that arise from emergency product replacement or repair because we’ve got your back.

Delivering for Dental Practices

Unlike most managed IT providers, we have a strong understanding of the unique needs of a dental practice. Don’t be fooled by other companies and their claim of quality assurance. Trust the partner with experience in practice management software and specialized tech.

Offering Total Practice Care

Your practice management software keeps your practice running, growing and thriving. TechCentral can help give you peace of mind that your server is up to date and will keep working to support your practice.

Providing Stability as a Foundation for Growth

When your dental practice experiences IT woes, both patients and staff members pay the price in happiness and productivity. TechCentral delivers a solution that can help with growth and improving productivity, which allows your office to become more profitable by helping ensure happy employees and patients.

Let Us Be Your IT Heroes

You shouldn’t have to worry about your dental office IT when you have patients that need your care. Let us ride to the rescue and assist you with software updates, data loss and software downtime. Reach out today for a free assessment of your system.


*Depending on the plan chosen