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Ransomware Scratching at Your Door?

Your success in stopping the threat in its tracks begins with a no-obligation technology assessment designed specifically for dental practices.

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Ransomware is honed in on small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) like dental practices. In fact, 42% of SMBs consider crypto-ransomware to be the most significant threat they face today, in large part because they often lack the resources they need to defend against these type of attacks.

With a little bit of time spent educating your employees, and deploying TechCentral security and dental office backup solutions, SMBs and distributed enterprise can stand up to hackers and win the war against ransomware.

Learn how to stop Ransomware in its tracks with our Ransomware Survival Kit that includes:

eBook: How to Avoid Falling Prey to Ransomware

What dental practices need to know about the advanced malware attack plaguing businesses and capturing news headlines around the world.

Protect your Dental Practice from Ransomware >>

White Paper: Keep Ransomware from Scratching at your Door

Read in depth about how to keep ransomware from putting your patient data at risk.

Learn Ways to Mitigate the Threat of Ransomware >>

Infographic: Ransomware on the Hunt

Gain a clear picture the ransomware threat to small to midsize businesses (SMBs) like dental offices.

Ransombear is on the Hunt >>

Comprehensive Network Protection

The WatchGuard all-in-one network security solution, brought to you by TechCentral, provides protection while slashing the time and cost associated with managing multiple single-point security products. Security capabilities work together for a holistic, comprehensive approach to network protection.

Discover Protections for your Dental Practice >>

Hybrid Backup

Think of the consequences of finding out the hard way that you haven’t been backing up critical data, your backup system is not working properly, or losing it all to the silent killer of corrupted data or external threats. Hybrid backup service provides multiple points of recovery from such events.

Learn More About Dental Office Backup >>

Server Encryption

A data breach at your practice could be devastating to your patients’ security, as well as your financial stability. You can take a simple step now to help protect your patient data and your practice with the TechCentral Protected Practice Server Encryption Service.

Lock Up Your Dental Office Data >>

Is RansomBear Scratching at Your Door?

Watch how RansomBear uses your staff members to try and steal your patient data.

Webinar: Avoid Falling Prey to Ransombear

How your practice can stand up to hackers and win the war against ransomware.

Hybrid Backup Services

Greater peace of mind with data recovery.