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If Your Office Still Runs Windows 7
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Your technology is the backbone of your dental practice, housing and safeguarding critical data like financial records and patient health information (PHI). After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7. If you continue to run on unsupported operating systems, your practice will be at risk.


Is it possible to ever get out of this cycle of technology refreshes? It is when you partner with an IT provider who offers “hardware as a service.” Rather than incur the cost to purchase and support your own networking hardware, you can simply pay a monthly fee for a trusted IT provider to install, fully maintain and monitor your dental office network.

Do You Need A New Server?

Many IT experts recommend new hardware when migrating from old, unsupported Windows versions to a new platform because the existing technology is also typically outdated. Workstation and server hard drives have many components, making them some of the most likely points of failure. When you use outdated hardware, you run the risk of losing all your practice data, including patient and financial records in the event of hardware failure.


TechCentral, by Henry Schein One, offers Omnicore™, an all-in-one network in a box that provides all of the essential hardware and services — handpicked for dental practices. With Omnicore, all product support, product management, equipment upgrades and even the replacement of failed hardware are part of one easy-to-budget monthly cost.

TechCentral has the IT solutions to help your practice technology be more secure and less susceptible to viruses. Make a single life-of-the-practice decision and hand your IT burden to a trusted partner.

“Omnicore has been the bright spot in our larger implementation. The equipment was exactly what was promised. TechCentral did what they said they were going to do and even ahead of time.”
     —   Tamara Whitley, Co-Owner/Office Director, Whitley Family Dental

Focus on Dentistry

With Omnicore, you can focus on the excellent care you give your patients, without having to worry about your IT solutions. TechCentral is a one-stop IT partner for dentists, able to take care of all your network needs, from upgrading your OS, to replacing old workstations and software, to setting up IT equipment and remotely monitoring it.

It’s time to lose the IT stress and surprises. Schedule your free TechCentral network assessment.

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